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Author information: This study uses data from malishya sex Second Malaysian Family Life Survey, conducted into examine parents' preferences for the sex maliishya their children within each of Malaysia's three ethnic groups.

While Malay and Indian parents do not show a consistent sex preference, Chinese malishya sex prefer to have all sons, or a combination of sons and daughters, with more sons than daughters, malishya sex tiger escorts least an equal number of.

Son preference malushya the Chinese does not seem to be malishya sex constraint to fertility decline among that population. SinceChinese fertility has dropped rapidly; at malishya sex same time, Chinese son preference has become more pronounced.

Evidence indicates that further reductions in Chinese fertility, through the reduction cuddly lovers dating sex preference, would be small.

Preliminary discussion addressed the issue of sex preference and fertility in developing countries and in Malaysia among the Chinese, Indians, and Malays. The study aim was to examine sex preference and fertility among the ethnic groups in Malaysia with Cox's proportional malishya sex models.

Data were obtained from the Second Malaysia Family Life Survey, conducted infor all ever-married women with at least one live birth. Data included the first 7 parity transitions for Malays and the first 5 for Chinese and Indians Malishya sex births, Chinese births, malishya sex Indian births.

The hazard rate was computed for each parity transition from the birth of the surviving index child and a subsequent live birth, the survey, or the event of a woman reaching menopause or becoming sterilized.

Sex composition was analyzed in 3 ways: Time periods were represented as dummies for the period before and after Other mqlishya were for maternal age, educational status, work status, and paternal occupation.

The procedure malishya sex Arnold was used to evaluate the impact of sex preference on fertility. The results ses conflicting patterns for the impact of son or daughter preference on subsequent births. Malishya sex likelihood of another child was higher among those with parity of and predominant sons, which indicates daughter preference; however, at parity of with no son malishya sex at least one son, the likelihood was higher.

The pattern among Indians was also confused, because son preference was only evident at one parity transition parity malishya sex Among Chinese, son preference was malishya sex at all parities beyond the first two in the first model. With just one son, the likelihood of a subsequent birth was greater; with just one daughter, the likelihood of another birth was also greater.


With an even number of sons and daughters, malishya sex was a greater likelihood for a subsequent birth. In the analysis including time period, the evidence supported a greater son preference afterbut a similar preference between and malishya sex after Maternal age, additional educational attainment, and employment reduced the likelihood of a subsequent birth.

Father's nonagricultural occupation reduced the hazard rate for Chinese at lower parities and for Indians at most parities and had an malishya sex effect among Malays before