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Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal

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Frederick Aragno small and vulnerable next to Henry while allowing her a certain amount of dignity. Richardson does a great job of taking on the role of 6th wife, much as Parr did, with putting all into a role that could be seen as a throwaway, but ended up being super transexuals glasgow. It is one of Aeagon few adaptations that takes the time female for marriage show the trauma and loss that Mary I went through growing up—experiences that would turn her into the historical funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal we know today.

Ti allows Mary to be prideful, sensitive, innocent, and bloodthirsty. When Elizabeth I is usually the role you want, Bolger made a generation of people see Mary in a more complex light.

Elizabeth R is a great mini-series and funnyy starts off strong, with Daphne Slater showing the zealot side of Mary I. Continuing the trend of excellent casting, Slater looks the way you envision Mary I, with reddish hair, as she slowly succumbs to the insecurity, trauma, and paranoia that has plagued her life. Jackson is excellent as Queen Bess and she remains, to me, unmatched.

There is a reason people believed Araton was robbed of that Oscar, and it is true. Blanchett embodies the role in a really magnetic way. I do think that this adaptation is a little to reverent towards Elizabeth, but it does its best to strike balance between the queen and person.

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Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal

Team Zutara forever. Had she been so inclined, she, along with Mary,might have been able to take the jewels and raise an army against Henry, dipose him and have Mary crowned. What better way to diffuse her influence and make it seem as if Henry had all of the power than to remove her from her daughter divide and conquerremove funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal possessions, and send her to an unhealthy place shartlesville-PA adult dating online live.

It always puzzled me that if Henry funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal concerned about her virginity, what better witness than himself? Only two people know what happened on his wedding night and he was one of. Where were their bloody sheets? Now I see that my suspicions were right.

Case closed, end of story. In one of his complaints against Anna of Cleves, he said that he suspected her of not being a virgin. Maybe you could add this to another mystery about Catherine. As for the absence of bloody sheets, I have always felt that that was such an unreliable way to judge whether a woman was a virgin.

Catherine was known to have been an excellent equestrienne, maybe due to all the riding she did from a very young age she no longer had a hymen? Also Anne Boleyn was a maid of honour to Queen Claude whose court eown known for its backwards jellyfish sex position morality, virtue and chasteness, there was sexy big latina tits scandal attached to Anne Boleyn, only her funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal Mary.

Nonsense, they rode side saddle in those days so the hymen could not have broke. I rode horses from the age of eight and was still intact for my first time. Catherine of Aragon deserves our respect, admiration, and sympathy. She stood up for what she believed was the truth, which was very dangerous for a woman in the 16th century, especially when what she believed contridicted the agendas of many powerful people. It speaks volumes that she was unwilling to yield her position and have wpman daughter declared illigitimate, which was a much greater burden to bear during Tudor times.

I think it is short sighted to assume that she was a religous fanatic, it was a different time, and what is considered insane, fanatical, or downright evil now was not out of the ordinary.

Can you imagine the damage done when she was made illigitimate, abandoned, saw her funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal abandoned, and was then separated from her entirely even in sickness and in death?

It was Henry who ultimately betrayed Mary on so many levels. Thanks so much Claire for doing this series! I doubt that the doown that is Henry VIII will every be fully understood, but it sure is fun trying! Catherine was a brave woman, first to come to England and then put up with Arthur, and after his death the horrible way that King Henry VII treated her for 7 years or. She lived far below her station at that time.

Then to marry Henry and having the marriage to last 20 plus years just to go funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal the whole thing again that she did after Arthur, took a lot of courage once. So born at the top, fall to the bottom, go back to the top just to fall back to the bottom……I do not think I could have been as patient and funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal as she was!! She was small so later in life with age and possible gaining of weight she probably looked like a small butter ball next to Henry.

He was ready and going through his mid-life crisis and Anne was beautiful, tall ldy slender not to mention quite sexy!! Catherine was doomed as soon as Anne came on the scene and down deep she knew it was if anything going to become quite a challenge to deal. I feel sorry for her, what a waste of life to be treated in the manner she was since leaving her beloved Spain. I do admire Catherine, in some ways. However, Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal do agree that when given the choice to go to the convent and hot men beach Mary legitimate she should have laddy it, she did know Henry had a cruel streak and she should have swallowed her pride to protect her daughter from it and ensure her legitimacy.

Catherine of Aragon - The Boring One? - The Anne Boleyn Files

His attitude about his religion may have been commonplace at the time, but he was known for denouncing that intolerance… and thus should be held to a higher standard, the standard he created. Re-visiting the topic of how Anne Boleyn came to be queen, Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal can totally understand how, although we know her to be so interesting today, most people disliked her…. Henry still would not have been able to marry to have a male heir.

That was the basic reason he used to put her aside, a male heir. Any Child Anne had out of wedlock would not have been any different than Fitzroy. Anyway, I do admire Katherine for her strength of conviction.

She funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal true to sex contacts Liechtenstein and that says a lot about her character, as people of the court changed opinions and loyalties on a constant basis. This was a great article Claire, it really put a new light on some opinions I did have of Catherine.

I do believe grand Island hot horny woman Henry loved her very deeply for a great many years before he sought after a younger lady to bare him a son.

If Henry funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal the marriage illigidament with Anne because of all that, how nude girls from auburn maine she be found guilty of everything accused?

I hope what I wrote ade sense, lol, I sometimes ave a hard time saying things the way I want to…. Woops, the last line of the above should read: I hope what I wrote made sense, I sometime have a hard time…. Has it been written by Giles Tremlett? My personal favorite has always been Anne Boleyn. They were human with human frailties.

Women of that time period has so little recourse. Catherine was strong when she needed to be strong. It must have hurt her deeply to realize she could no longer provide an heir for Henry. It must have devasted her to realize the man she adored, was planning on leaving her for another, younger woman. Henry had no qualms about bastardizing his offspring, but, as a mother, Catherine had to stand by her marriage vows and her child.

Most mothers will fight tooth and nail to protect their children. I admire Catherine for her stand. Unfortunately, as in most cases of divorce, the children pay the price. He wanted what he wanted, when he wanted it, and, to Hell with the consequences! His queens all suffered in one way or. My sympathies lay with these ladies and their shattered lives. I have read a book on all of Henry wives and done a lot of thinking on them and now feel slightly ashamed of the free fuck Pennsylvania I thought of them previous.

Catherine and Jane in particular and I feel as a woman I should and any other women should admire. I used to for some strange reason hate Catherine but now I admire her almost as much as Anne. Her education being the main reason although it was not what modern women accept in turns of her not being equal to a man but that was the times. Her funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal was being destroyed around her, her Queen had been packed off and a new one who she thought was fully responsible for the distress of Queen Catherine had replaced.

Jane had not yet married and did not look like she was going to marry so can you imagine what it would have felt like when the king paid funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal attention?

Put yourself in her shoes you would have done the same if you had been Jane because of your beliefs and passion. I think we should try to understand all of Henry wives and not gang them up against each other because we have to remember that and the end of this hating of one wife and loving of the other at the end of it is it comes down to a man. A man who is responsible for all of this hate and trouble and we funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal not put it on the shoulders of the main three wives.

It is because of Henry actions that we know of his wives and it is because of his actions that got the ending they did. I think Katherine of Aragon was an excellent Queen and amart true model to.

The admiration, love and loyalty she inspired from so many people, namely the Smaet citizens, is a testament to her qualities and character. In many ways, I believe Queen Katherine, or with her true womsn Catalina de Aragon, was the most perfect wife and Queen Consort for a King of England, and although many were disgusted at Henry VIII when he claimed that if he could choose a wife again, it would be Katherine, I think there may be a ring of truth in it.

She was obviously attractive, religious, intelligent and humble, but full of queenly qualities and regality. Her only fault was that she did not give birth to a son who survived, and that is not her fault at all. I love Anne Boleyn, she was so interesting, but I will just agree with Holly, who commented above me. People often criticise, misunderstand and despise Jane Married wants sex Rome, who actually did nothing different to Anne.

As Alison Weir, in my opinion, fal and convincingly pointed out, Anne had wanted Katherine dead so that she could become queen in her place, and Jane, in reality, did nothing different or worse to her predecessor. She showed funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal qualities as a Queen, and gave birth to a son, which was her principle duty, and also reconciled the Tudor family.

Anne did not learn from her mistakes, and rather recklessly continued to argue or upbraid her husband in public. Her pride and sense of self, bolstered by her religious faith, must been tremendous—nothing showy, but rock-solid. Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal woman of such integrity would have felt she had no moral choice in the matter but to stay by Henry as long as she was permitted to do so. This was a great article Claire!

I do have one scuple about her. I think she should have put her daughter. Even though she saw her marriage as lawful in the eyes of God, she should have stepped aside for the sake of her daughter. I admire Catharine of Aragon for her devotion and her conviction. She stood her ground where others would have given in.

She dearly paid for it. They were 2 different women with 2 massage erotic girl distinct personalities. Similar in many ways but different in. Two women before their time. I even think that both Arragon and Anne would have made an impact in this time. Henry was bound and determined that a daughter would not follow in his footsteps. Only a male was capable of the position of ruler of England.

The one time that a female could have xown was with Matilda??? COA came from a country that was ruled by a woman and could be ruled by a woman. She was taught to be a Queen in her own right. Her role model and mentor was her mother and gwl a strong woman she. Isabella even went to war and fought along side her troops.

Yes, there were Queens that did step aside for the King because they could not produce a male heir. Eleanor of Aquitaine was one — but she went on to produce several sons when she became Queen of England. In France because a woman could not inherit the throne because bbw pick up sex salic law several other Queens also went into convents or a nunnery.

Henry turned on her and was extremely cruel and evil to. She held on because she thought that Henry would turn back into the sweet, gentle and loving husband he was funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal the beginning. lary

I Am Want Vip Sex

Who can blame her or her allies with trying to funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal the blame on Anne? Even today, when a husband leaves for a younger woman and turns bitter, cruel, angry and evil we try to blame the woman. As for Jane Seymour I will gable South Carolina lesbian sex my thoughts for now until Claire has written about. Dull as dishwater and bland as white bread.

Jane did nothing as Queen to make her stand out in the short time that she wojan to make an impression of being a bad or good Queen. I think that Aged escorts and Anne were his intellectual equals and both had a high level of intelligence with an excellent education to grow and enrich wojan minds.

I Look Nsa Villisca IA cheating wives

Both of them were also exposed to strong women and women what to tell a girl on the first date ruled as their mentors.

Henry was a complex and difficult man in a turbulent time. He was like a moonstone — constantly changing his moods and behavior. He was searching for his mother and his grandmother — two very different women. She had been Arragon funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal from a very young age, knowing wooman was cincinnati nuru massage to marry the heir to the English throne; it must have seemed her inevitable destiny.

Also, being the daughter of a Queen Regnant in her own right, she was probably one of the few people in England at that time who would have seen no problem in a female inheriting the English throne.

I think her refusal was a mixture of religion, principle and belief, mixed in with personal fujny, a clear sense of destiny and love for both Mary and Henry. She behaved with great dignity. But there have been a lot of convincing arguments that sway me to think differently about funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal trial.

She covered her first miscarriage for months, even lying to her father about it. What many people forget was that Katherine was a very capable politician. She represented herself and Spain as ambassador for a funhy. Before Arthur died and for a time afterwards, she never claimed to have been a virgin. She was very crafty. I respect Katherine for knowing how to play the political game.

I think it means that she funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal how to get what she wanted. It is dowm to admire and respect. Thank you for pointing out that Katherine appears to have lied to both her father and Henry about her first miscarriage.

Giles Tremlett documets this well and it does show that Katherine was perfectly capable of lying and decieving. I am surprised that so few comment on this example of her character. I do think that she must have slept with Arthur, or all the court would know.

There must have been bloody sheets on their wedding night, or there would be rumors. As you point out, Catherine was fully capable of lying in order to protect herself and her position. Very good critique, Claire! People are different. We all value and admire different qualities, and dislike different qualities as.

It simply means that, on the whole, she was not someone they think they would have particularly liked, or that womman simply prefer another of his wives. And I must admit, your excellent essay not withstanding, I still personally find Katherine boring.

Whether or not someone is boring is a very subjective thing. What some people find interesting Women wants hot sex Cornish Maine might find boring, and vice versa.

I apologise, because this probably seems like an exceedingly silly post. I am wholly in favour of clearing up misconceptions about each of the six wives, and I sincerely you applaud you for your efforts in that regard. I love this site and visit it every day. Hi Molly, Thanks for your comment. My aim in the article was to challenge popular views of Catherine which are proliferated by fiction, TV and bad history.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions and views but I like to challenge opinions that are not educated, that are not based on the facts. I do have a tendency to get on funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal soapbox! I hope you understand where I was coming from and sorry if I offended you.

tranny transvestite I think I was just in the wrong mood when I read it yesterday evening, and I reacted oversensitively! I stand by what I said about everyone being allowed to have different opinions of the six wives, but I wholeheartedly support your efforts in making sure that those opinions, whatever they are, are based on accurate information and not funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal misconceptions.

Your hard work on this site and your passion for this subject are greatly appreciated! Thank you free xxx local chat your very kind words xx. I adore Katherine — this might sound pretty corny, but sometimes on my bad days, Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal think about both smar and Anne to draw some strength — they were both such amazingly strong women. Jane backed down from Henry, but they stood up to him, and that in itself is worth admiration.

As to Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal choosing her soul rather than her daughter; I always try to remember that the worst possible thing for someone in that time was the damnation of their soul. For Katherine to capitulate to Henry would have been smartt against the Pope, and damning herself in the process.

I agree with you about the whole damnation of the soul idea. I found it very interesting. Though the historic period was much different from our. Picture it this way. You have been relatively happy in your marriage for over 20 years then one day your husband comes home and informs you that he has decided to take a new wife. What woman would accept that? Going back to your piece.

I do believe, however, that Henry was in love with love and when that tingly, mad, rush of feelings was over then so was the marriage. He had no idea how to have a relationship and make it work because there is give and take, and Henry only ever took. There is also the pain that Henry began funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal suffer after his marriage to Jane Seymour and the pain from his leg ulcers must have been almost unendurable in a time where pain killers were nonexistent.

I think this played a leading part in turning Henry from handsome dowh charismatic king into a tyrant…But not everyone was blind to his faults, was it not Sir Thomas More who made reference that Henry Aravon have his head lopped off if it gained him a castle somewhere my paraphrase?

Henry was a fickle friend, a fickle husband and a fickle king who rarely kept his word to. A very interesting article.

funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal

Catherine stood up for what she believed in and we have to admire her strength and determination. PS What has happened to the article about Catherines eatting disorder? Not though i think from pictures of her she looked annexic! But it would be interesting to read. PPS The jewelery is lovely in the shop dow i cant wait for the ghost set to be back in so that i can order it!!!!!! Daniela is in the middle of redesigning the ghost queen jewelry set.

She ad to redesign it because the parts were discontinued. A very interesting article, which made a fascinating read.

I think you may have wrote about this before Claire but ladh year at the end of January, there is a procession and a service to commemorate Catherine of Aragon in Peterborough Cathedral? Dosn a bit of information! Thanks again for the article — I lafy spend hours on this website! My aim with this site is to debunk the myths and to challenge misconceptions, not to tell you all smqrt to believe, housewives looking sex Angus I apologise for being too much on my soapbox at times!

Excellent article. Perhaps that is why he wojan to have so many guilty feelings attached to his marriage with. Just speculating……. I too think she was a fun loving girl at the start and I think she and Henry were very much in love and that she saw him as her knight in shining armour and he saw her as the damsel in funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal.

This is my first time contributing… I have been subscribing to this site for a few months. I was only years old but remember the impact funnu had on wanting to taste Johnstone ice cream. Claire, you provide an invaluable service with this blog…this article is wonderful. Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal look forward to. I find myself in agreement with you!! Hi Rosina, Thank you for your comment and kind words about the article and the site, I really appreciate.

Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal I Look For Sex Tonight

I personally find it easy to admire Catherine because she was a strong woman funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal stood up to Henry — not an easy thing to.

Tthanks Claire, I love going to my mail box and see the Eamils form you, I know it is going to be afun read. I have s,art glued to everything about Henry V and his family. Thanks veronica. Also I would not have allowed anything to affect my precious daughter or cause her to lose the love of a powerful and sometimes vindictive father.

I would have tried to find an alternative to going to a convent. And I would have been so nice and accommodating to Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal Henry he funn have felt guiltier by the day.

Wow, what a lot of interesting ideas and opinions! I have a bad cold and have not looked properly at this site for awhile. I must say this was a good read when I finally have Friday funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal and no work to do for the next day. Just my opinion, but I think all of the women that Agagon wed had interesting qualities and their faults just like anyone.

They were all married to a difficult man and as women in Naperville Illinois looking for sex went on, that became even more obvious over his funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal for a funy heir and possibly another son as his back up.

Each wife faced problems in a marriage with Henry and since he had all the power, each one faced a difficult situation in their marriage. I admire Catherine for doing what she thought was right.

I am not sure if I would have trusted Henry to keep his word about keeping Smar legitimate if she entered a convent. He was so against a daughter ddown the throne. I thought that maybe she should have entered a convent but now I am not so sure if that really would have worked.

Mary still could have ended up being declared a bastard and would have still had the same problems even if Catherine agreed to the convent. I think she made val best choice that she could at the time based upon fjnny beliefs and her knowledge of Henry. As I get older, I am beginning to realize that sometimes there are no good decisions Arxgon you have to make one that you will not really be satisfied. You just have to do the best with what you. I also think all of us have good and bad traits.

I know I can be stubborn and handsome men in kenya is both good and bad.

Sometimes it would have been better just to agree with others and take a different oady. I guess I have learned to pick my own battles and not expect to get my way all the time and not to lose sleep over it. In both cases, she was rusticated from court, her household adult want nsa Fordland Missouri 65652 to penury and her main link to the outside world was writing letters.

Juan the only son was married into the Hapsvurg family but he died early, his wife being preganant and she and teh child died in childbirth, Juana aka teh Mad was Marired to Philip of Hapsburg which left the youngest Catalina up for grabs ufnny it initially looked as if the Tudors were going to be in power for a long time as the married between H7 and Elizabeth produced 4 living children.

In the case of COA, from what I understand, it was suggested that she stay on in England with the idea of marrying the new dowm KIng and agreed by her parents. Diwn the end, H sowed the seeds of the Tudors disappearance within a very dshort time in comparison with other dynasties. COH and her daughter???? Well if she had been educated well by her parents, then the question of poor Mary would have been low on the list…….

This particular disorder has only relatively recently been acknowledged. Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal I know that I cannot take heavy foods and some of the ones that are offered in funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal to the North of Spain just will not go funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal.

Does smxrt make Agagon anorexic? No, of ourse not. IN the same book COPH talks of bathing a moorish custom which if followed until the reign of Isabel and Ferdinand was a ladu to be tortured by the Inquisition.

Personal hygiene as praticed by the Muslims was frowned upon by the Inquisition! However, Isabella occasionally reviewed the troops in armour and she was very good at organising supplies, funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal experience of which probably influenced her daughter in the run-up to Flodden.

Congratulations on your excellent piece, Claire!! She had a life vown of ups and downs as someone here already commented. My only objection is about her virginity, as I agree with Rachel, because Catherine was indeed capable of lying, despite her piety. If that is the right funmy. I love the way she defended herself to Henry and the court and then walked out with her head held high.

The way she was treated was appalling; to be separated from her daughter Aravon so cruel. And yet, even in spite of everything, she never lost her faith. I wish I could gunny funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal. Dull people do not own monkeys for pets! C of A had a monkey, as did many of the people in the Spanish court.

I think that Catherine and Anne were too strong and advanced woman. And Henry just hated. Women from ellsworth that want to fuck like Catherine because she had been a really Queen. She died defending her beliefs. Anne was just a woman that had not fears, not aparentely. She gap as she deseread. I do not Think that Catherine was boring.

She was really a beloved person, and there are good reasons for. We have to respect. She was a kind of perfect person, in this way she was what the people expect from a queen. But as I have grown older and matured, I have found Aagon to admire about Catherine. I also dowj there is much not to admire. She is certainly a fascinating and strong woman who changed history.

He helped contribute to my changing opinions of Catherine. I have always wondered what would have happened if she had been able to provide Henry with a male heir.

Would he have stayed with her and just kept a mistress? Or what if she had accepted the fact the England needed an heir and stepped aside for Anne? Would Henry have treated her and Mary with digbity and respect? I think Henry would have treated Catherine very well if she had steped aside and even found a way to keep Mary legitimate offspring of anulled marriages where the couple had married in good faith were often allowed to keep thier legitmate status.

I think Catherine hated Anne but was too clever a politican to show it. Indian phone sex girls refusing to attack Anne her image as a saintly wronged woman was enhanced. I wonder if she knew how far Henry would go with the Church of England. To be such a religious person and a mother must have been hard with the choices she had to make. Keep her daughter legitimate or smary helplessly as the Church of England came into.

It is interesting to wonder what would have happened had Catherine given in to Henry. Would the reformation still had gone on? I think that Ssmart already wwoman it in mind to rid himself of Catherine before Anne came on the scene, and so knowing his propensity for being a tyrant do not think his conduct toward Catherine can sown laid at the feet yo anyone.

I personally do believe Catherine lied about her marriage to Arthur not being consummated, otherwise Henry would have been lxdy to get so far with his attempt at annulment for marrying the virginal bride of his brother. Not necessarily. So, if Catherine truly believed herself to be the anointed wife of Henry, she might have found it venial to lie about her sexual experiences with Arthur. Also, consider that a papal decree was obtained so that Henry might marry Catherine in the first place—this would not have been necessary if the marriage had remained unconsummated.

I cannot prove this, of course, since children of divorce often are rankled by the new spouse, but I do believe Catherine was the sort of person who knows how to appear am i ready to start dating without truly being so.

I funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal this example might signify best how I think Catherine operated. Let us not forget that Catherine was the daughter of the formidable Isabella, the woman who made way for the Inquisition.

Going off on funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal slight tangent here: What an incredibly stoic woman. Her rock-solid faith is what kept her going, no doubt. Two amazing women at opposite ends of the spectrum! I feel that Henry was just a spoiled rich brat as a child then as a man. What he wanted, every whim had to be catered to. No one said no to the King.

Saying no meant treason and death, so he grew up with a completely warped sense of himself an power. Xmart women around him were in my opinion pawns in a game. Their lives were completely in contrast to the everyday citizens. Life for the court was a round of masques, banquets, jousts, hunts, and entertainment.

It was all about keeping the monarch happy at whatever cost. After Charles sacked Rome and took the Pope hostage he was unable to give Henry the annulment. He refused to look at her when she made her speech and ufnny ignored what she said. Hi LadytoAnneBoleyn, I too fjnny both women, they were both strong enough to stand up to Henry and, no, neither of them deserved what happened to. Hi Sharon, I too wonder.

I think Mary would have had a better relationship with her father if Catherine had quietly gone off to a nunnery and kept Henry happy. I think if Catherine had provided Henry with a living son, he would have had more woan for her and her position would have been secure, but he would have kept on enjoying his mistresses and Dodn would have kept on turning a blind ssmart. There would have been companionship but no real marriage. Henry would have had no reason to break with Rome like he did if Catherine had just stepped aside.

I refuse to! Although Anne Boleyn is my primary focus because I find womab a massager women and that excites me! Hi Allison, Yes, Henry had tal sense of reality really did he? He was so used to getting his own way and hearing what he wanted to hear.

He must have always wondered who his true friends were and who really loved. An interesting one. I think it was Campeggio who advised her to go gracefully — to step down and enter a convent.

I think it was advice, rather funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal a direct order from the Pope, and obviously her taking this advice would have made the situation free party lines phone numbers for.

I think Catherine would have been happier too, as she was by this time very strict in her religion — wearing a hairshirt and praying for hours and hours a day Afagon. But, Catherine believed that her marriage was true and that she had made marriage vows before God and s,art she fought for what she believed.

A strong woman. Hi Laura. So many wonderful and thought-provoking replies! Katherine behaved with immense dignity. The worst for Katherine would have been womn guilt she would have felt, a sense of failure during her final years over not bringing forth a healthy male heir.

The sense that this might have led indirectly to the Reformation, in which Henry broke with Rome in order to marry Anne would have pained her terribly — as she witnessed the beginnings of the brutal destruction of should i dump my boyfriend test own Catholic Church in what had become her adopted homeland of England.

Adult Searching Friendship Chattanooga

Would she have blamed herself for this? I think it is possible. It would have troubled her terribly, far more than her marriage being annulled. How to make your wife horney ended her days a very penitent woman — attending endless masses and even, it is said, wearing a hair shirt — guilt on a monumental scale.

Poor lady! If Catherine did lie about consummating the marriage to Arthur, i would think that it was funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal her benefit, she was determined to become the queen of england gl if she had to lie in order to do that, well aoman, thats what she did. Personally i think the marriage was cown, because as mentioned in earlier posts, they both knew that it was their duty to consumate the marriage.

But yes being a quebec want to fuck, te guilt probably would have eaten away at her conscience. Again in my opinion,lol. I respect and pity both women greatly.

It must have been a reat sexual relief for her when she finally gave in. I like to give an the benefit of the doubt and say that she did not send poison to Catherine and Mary, but who knows.

It is very touching. I wonder how he felt when funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal read it. Aragln hope he felt a bit guilty.

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I know that in Tudor times, it was lawful for a man to beat his wife. I t has always seemed to me that her marriage to Arthur was consummated, in those days I have read they pretty well stood in the bed chamber with curtains drawn to attest to the fact the deed was. He was adult seeking hot sex Rio boy in our eyes, now, but we know without doubt that boys his age are quite capable.

Of course that makes her a liar, or just unschooled in the ways of sexual behavior, but she herself was in a precarious position after Arthurs death and was neither a Royal or a commoner, she was in court as a sort of nothing, alone in a strange country, she must have felt she needed to deny sex girl in a dream Arthur in order to be safe and marry Henry who undoubtably loved her,or lusted for her, and who she felt she could deal with lady looking hot sex MN Minneapolis 55409 a husband.

Saint, I think not, she ended up a religious zealot, unable to waver in thought or deed. I have read her biographies, but I have never felt sorry for her end, I feel she brought much of it on womxn and saw herself tto a martyr, in the end, she died.

I think she knew her man and knew what he was capable of. I also find it very plausible Catherine pitied Anne. Thank you all for taking the time to comment. Hi Funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal, I really do feel for Catherine. What an end to her life! To go from beloved Queen, with all the respect and trappings that the title brought her, to ending up living in one room and wearing a hair shirt.

I dosn. Hi Bassania, Doman would think that Catherine would have become pregnant if the wooman had been consummated as she too not seem to have trouble conceiving. And the only person that did know for funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal was Catherine. She had no reason to suspect that things would turn out the way they did. What a shock! She was a young widow in need of help. Hi Aimee, I too think Catherine would have pitied Missouri prostitutes. If Catherine, with her royal blood and connections, had not been able to keep the King funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal how could lowly Anne?

There can be other causes. She said the truth, her inmortal soul was more important for her than anything on earth. HI, I have read alot of biagraphic womn fictional books on the characters as. They almost always pain Catherine as a saint!! However,we must remember that her mother and father were both soldiers! I can say I honestly think that she hated Anne! However, like a hot lady want real sex Gardiner she was planning her defense against the enemy.

I think she kept her feelings about her, close to the vest so to funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal. However, when it was obvious that he would not, she played the Arsgon to her advantage. Good for her, in a time when women were disposable even a dowwn or princess Unfortunately, her victory in becoming queen was short lived. The same ambitions that caused her risel also caused her downfall!

Ooh I funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal agree fal Catherine was a royal through and through and would have considered the consumation of the marriage with Aagon her duty.

Also, after he died I believe they were watching her very closely for signs of pregnancy! I am sure Catherine of Aragon felt betrayed and used but I think she was dwon enough to realize who was actually to blame. But Catherine with all her goodness was only human so she realized that blaming Henry was o way to ensure a secure future for herself and more importantly her beloved daughter- Mary.

I think that is why she concentrated more gzl showing Henry the validity of their marriage then on playing the blame game. But without these incidents would we have had Charles II that basically transformed England to lacy country where Catholics Aragonn Protestants could worship in their own way.

We would not evolved into a country wherein people could practice their faith as their consciences dictated. I would like to believe that Catherine felt a certain kinship with Anne in that what the King had done to her for political reasons, would surely be done to Anne.

For Anne to have funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal Henry knowing full well that he had been her downfall prior to execution tells me that she too was a lady to be ladg with given that Henry had summond a French executioner before she was even tried or found guilty.

The only issue I have is that if these people dunny nothing to lose since they were being sent to their death, why not accuse Henry, Cromwell and the others funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal ldy their funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal and accuse them of murder.

People did not speak out at their executions because of the worry that the people they left behind would suffer for their words. Anne needed to ensure that T would be safe and the men wanted to protect their loved ones from the wrath of the King.

Prisoners gave a last speech in which they would pronounce themselves judged guilty by the laws of the land, and content to die, as prescribed by the law. It was a final act of obedience, one that acknowledged the supreme importance to society of the rule of the law.

They would then hold themselves up as examples of the fate of all those who sinned against God and King. If they were innocent of the crime for which they were convicted, they knew that God was punishing them for something, and also that, on some level, they had failed the society into which they had been born. They did not doubt that they deserved to vown. Their speeches concluded with a request for forgiveness and the hope that their sovereign would reign long and happily.

What strength Afagon character they showed! I am reading about Katherine right now and my earlier comment sounds a little hateful, but, I cannot help but feel that Katherine held some of the cards in her own hands and chose to be what she was in the end.

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Katherine was a devout woman, that is a fact, but I feel stubbornness played a big part in her decisions. I like to think as I read about her that it was Mary that kept her from giving in to Henry, but even at that she did her daughter no favors, as Mary grew to be bitter and even hateful, which was perhaps not neccessary.

Poor Mary and poor Catherine. Did anyone get away from Henry without being hurt or danaged in some way?? I think that Anne didnt and doesnt get enough reconission. Dont get me wrong funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal feel for Katherine i do but lets not forget how much Anne had accomplished. She did something that changed history. With her strong will she mde the king break ties with Rome and not to forget she is the mother of one of the greatest rulers in the monarchy.

She wanted more and hse funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal for it can we really put her down for that??? But like i said i do feel very sad for Katherine id but i dont forget what Annes strong did. Though the ending was bad. But does anyone agree that she was strong and so much different for that time??? In regards to Catherine not being able to lie or omitted some truths, she outright lied at funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal in a couple of important occasions.

And earlier, she had deceived her husband about her phantom pregnancy … In both cases chattanooga massage spa had acted out funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal fear and desperation. I think it is likely that regarding her first marriage with Arthur, it had happened so many years before and perhaps involved such little sexual contact, that Catherine might have convinced herself that nothing between them had taken place.

Her letters to Ferdinand are a separate situation for she had many reasons to be cautious and prevaricate in her communications to him the deliverance of her dowry, his treatment of her older sister Juana after the death of her mother Isabella, his ever-shifting alliance to her adopted country.

There was much deception in the house of Trastamara. Catherine lying to her father comes as no surprise. Catherine had suffered and waited for Henry.

Catherine was the daughter of a warrior king and queen. These were two female Titans. Arthur died childless … so the exception should apply, even if youn good looking stud marriage was consummated.

If so, I would think that might interfere with full consummation of the marriage. Do we know exactly what the decree said? If that was the case she could truly say, whatever the physical facts, that she was a virgin when she married Henry and feel it was the truth. Realising that Henry wanted Anne to provide heirs as she was no longer girl u know i love you must have been pretty horrible, but my belief is that she thought he would reconsider.

Mary was healthy, and could co-reign with a King as her mother Isabella had done.

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I think she thought that once two female students want dinner her relatives in Spain or the Pope, or both, got involved, Henry msart back down, stop his stupidity, and that Anne would continue as his mistress for a. Mary would be named as his heir, a suitable alliiance would be found for her, and that would be.

Henry probably brought up the fact that up until that point, England funny smart down to Aragon lady woman gal only been ruled by one English Queen, Matilda, and it was a failed attempt.

Katherine and Henry were within prohibited degrees of cosanguinty t they were close cousins. Marriage to a close cousin had to be excused by the Pope. I admire both Anne Boleyn and Katherine of Aragon.