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Call of duty black ops commercial girl

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III TV Commercial, 'Seize Glory' Feat. Cara Delevingne -

Note I did not say news. What am i reading? All i can imagine is that you are tiring to cash in on the buzz on black ops by geting as much articles with call of duty black ops commercial girl game's name on the title so the site will be more likely to show up on any google searches of the game. Is this what games journalism is reduced to?

Stories on bit players in commercials? This is commecrial best the news team could find? At least get her age, because otherwise the whole story is basically just "We found out the name a person in a controversial commercial! How about doing a thread blaxk the fact that one of the Supreme Court Judges knew so little about gaming, he call of duty black ops commercial girl one of the lawyers if a V-chip would work?

Or how about LA Noire or something?

I'm sure the same would be said if it was a questionable young male actor as. Didn't Mythbusters show that shooting hinges doesn't work?

Probably not seeing as that's one of the techniques counter-terrorist units lback for room entry And that's what I was talking about, since as far as I'm aware "young" has no other meaning than. Hence "young" girl, and hence the little example I mentioned just after the statement as.

Must be a slow day for news, as those before me have noted. Anyhow, what's the big deal? She's obviously been in showbiz boack a while now, and she's obviously old enough to play the game she plays like she's playing, so let's all move on with our lives and talk about something important.

Like tacos. Wow, there are a lot more "too cool for school" people in here than I expected. News flash, kids: If you really have no interest in the article, coming in to call the world about it just makes you look silly. This site is mostly focused on gaming culture.

Call of Duty fan Cara Delevingne guests in Black Ops 3 trailer Yes, model- turned-actress Cara Delevingne has now turned into a modern day Lara The premise of the commercial is that like ordinary chubby dude Kevin. The New Call of Duty: Black Ops Commercial. Look at the young girl in purple with the shotgun. She blows the hinges off of a door, and hugs the cover, and. Charlotte McKinney Returns for Another Racy Carl's Jr. Commercial Charlotte McKinney for Carl's Jr. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 commerical.

How the outside percieves our hobby falls into that wheelhouse so debunking this bull falls right in the middle of this site. Was this about a video game? Yeah, one commfrcial Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Call of duty black ops commercial girl I Looking Man

Came out a couple of weeks ago, you probably wouldn't know about it if you don't keep up with gaming sites. Apparently it's pretty popular. What weapon did they use? Because shotguns can be loaded with special breaching rounds that are specifically designed to blast apart hinges.

Try it with a 9mm, though, and commerial, you're not going to get far.

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Also, not only is the name B. Cannon an awesome name for a female gamer to have, but she's also pretty cute. Now maybe at least part of the controversy over the Codblops commercial can shut up.

Look For Sex Tonight Call of duty black ops commercial girl

Call of duty black ops commercial girl I still maintain that "codblops" sounds like a communicable disease. I have to agree with call of duty black ops commercial girl assessment of several people here that she's cute. Not only is it true, it's good to see that being said about somebody who isn't stereotypically 'hot'.

So is your issue that some people in the media saw a woman who by her looks was possibly a minor and thought that she shouldn't have been in it if she is a minor, becuase a as the original post said "Young woman " that commercila of an unknown age most likely over the age of 18 shouldn't be in the commercial or that the Escapist Staff is talking about other people having concerns with an ads actress' age?.

Cuase I thought it gay daejeon the 1st one.

Actually the girl is the point of some of the controversy in the games commercial. Because she looks young. So the article is relevant. Anyway, Opz think the real point of this article is that the entirety of gaming is being called into question because of this commercial.

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ESPN is ready to beautuful black women Kobe Bryant alive over it and this girl is being pointed at as a reason as to why the commercial is bad.

The fact that she appears underage to even be playing a rated M game is giving a lot of people who pushed the idiotic law to the Supreme Court fire power.

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But if it can be shown that she is in fact an adult, then that call of duty black ops commercial girl one less bullet in their shotgun to shoot down our bunker door and raid our games. Woo we found she isn't too young on a game commercial that most people had forgotten about I have to say that it might come from her looking like the type that would injure us in good ways, and failing that try really really hard at it; but yeah, taaaaaasty.

Also, how in the nine hells does someone see a girl who is obviously in her mid-late 20s and think they're a MINOR? Ads are carefully constructed to send a paticular message, and convey a specific impression to a target audience. Cannon's real age can easily be considered irrelevent compared to how she looked in that Ad.

I think the point was to show all differant kinds of people, of diverse age groups, involved. Granted everyone there was clearly an adult, except for her, where she definatly does look quite young, and I think it was intentional since she could be made to look opz, or her own age just as.

I call of duty black ops commercial girl the idea was very much to try and get away with showing a kid playing. Like it or not, kids Gril represent a big market share, and while I disagree with criminal action for a number of reasons I've gone into before, there is some truth to there being irresponsibility on indosia sex part of gaming companies in their quest to make money.

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I simply do not believe it's the job of the goverment to correct such things, and if worse comes to worse, just letting things continue is a far lesser evil than censorship. You get some actor who specializes in playing young roles due to the way they can pull it off say appearing in high school dramas as a backround character, or occasional bit part for episodesput them into a commercial doing their thing and looking like they could be 15 or 16, it might not be criminal due to their actual age, but the message is obvious.

Simply put Activision tried to do some call of duty black ops commercial girl marketing to a "taboo audience" here, and got caught because right now red head sex ton of people are paying careful attention to this kind of thing.

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This wasn't the best time to try something like. They showed that it does, just not with weak rounds.

Why do moroccan females think the underbarrel shotgun in CoD and yes it exists in real life is called the masterkey? She is pretty adorable isn't she? It's okay to be attracted to a fat girl.

Prizes include "take out" in-game weapon skins, calling cards, and reticles, as well as copies of the game. The grand prize is a trip to visit developer Treyarch Studios' offices in California.

Call of duty black ops commercial girl

More details about the sweepstakes are available at this website. Click through the images in the gallery below to get a closer look at some of the prizes.

Carl's Jr. This isn't the first time a video game company has teamed call of duty black ops commercial girl with a fast food restaurant. Sony is currently running a similar PlayStation 4 promotion with Taco Bell where you can win a gold console. It's also not the first time a video game advertisement has featured a model, as Kate Upton used to be featured in Game of War ads until she was replaced by Mariah Carey. gir,

Got a commerciak tip or want to contact us directly? Email news gamespot. Call of Duty: Thank you for signing up for our newsletter!

Call of Duty fan Cara Delevingne guests in Black Ops 3 trailer Yes, model- turned-actress Cara Delevingne has now turned into a modern day Lara The premise of the commercial is that like ordinary chubby dude Kevin. Players can join the action in a battle royale featuring helicopters, zombies and gunfire galore in "Call of Duty: Black Ops III," which is rated "M". Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Video Game ) cast and crew credits, including Player1 (This Could Be You, Commercial) (credit only) Actress (uncredited).