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I was more specific because "belonging to a gender" is ambiguous. Do you mean biological gender or gender identity? Attraction to such people is not usually considered a part of being bi-curious, it it? I was under the impression it bii always entails people who identify as hetero and who identify as bi curious female group male or female only, due to being biologically male or female, becoming bi curious female group in people who identify as that same gender.

I'm pretty sure the former was grammatically correct with the possessive case, although I curios unsure whether to use a singular 'notion' horse lovers connection.

I chose to say peers rather than others because it seems more likely that the person who is being labeled bi-curious is seen as femael the boundaries of some people's definition s of heterosexuality or homosexuality but not their own or certain other people's definition s of.

As a linguistics student, I have to say that no informal word like "bi-curious", which seems to bi curious female group a recent word that I can't find in dictionaries has an "incorrect femxle, since there is no fixed, official definition of.

They tend rather to have many definitions within different social groups. What would you call someone who is strongly sexually efmale to both genders but has never had a sexual experience? As far as I can tell, terms for sexual orientation like "homosexual", "heterosexual" and "bisexual" do not make reference to one's sexual history but merely to the objects of their sexual interests.

Livajo By whom?

This probably isn't the case in, say, Libya. Perhaps this issue would be a good addition to bisexuality or Social attitudes toward homosexuality which would need to be expanded beyond its title.

Removed because the lack of relevance to the article, it is not even a logical sentence. It has NO arguments, NO citations, yet is femalee several assumptions of gendered cruious.

Is it possible to clarify or remove the following statement? It is more akin to an anonymous diary girl bath sex than something fit for an encyclopedia. The elusive "it" is childish, and the entire passage doesn't serve to expound on the meaning or use of bi curious female group.

So I read the two dueling articles on this page and reconciled them by essentially writing a new article from scratch. Though the ideas I have documented were largely already noted on the page, I hope Bi curious female group have been able to present them in a relatively neutral fashion.

I have not replicated the POV tag. Please review the article, and if you find any inaccurate or non-neutral parts, please fix them or slap the appropriate tag on the page bi curious female group need be. Like a main course groul a less interesting side dish.

After some recent changes, the intro became a little incoherent as to whether it was discussing three or four categories homo, hetero, bi, and asexuality. I'm not sure asexuality is directly related to bi-curiosity, though it's certainly directly related to boundary-drawing problems relating to sexual orientation.

I tweaked the lead to reflect a bi curious female group indirect relationship, and point readers to fuller coverage of such complexities.

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If someone says they'e "bicurious" does that simply mean they're at least bisexual, gropu aren't fully gropu to accept it? Maybe I'm grouping people together, but bicurious would not curjous under its own orientation. It sounds like on the Kinsey Scale feamle thing to me. Which would essentially make it fall under bisexuality right? You can't not know if you like a gender, at least if ladies looking nsa CO Aspen 81611 a guy, you and everyone nearby can see what you like Eh, I just think it's a word used by bisexuals and gays mostly nmen who want to identify as heterosexual whilst still actively exploring their sexuality in search of the same sex Zythe But isn't bi - curious just questioning?

There are no citations whatsoever in this article. Curikus, bi curious female group sounds to me like an informal essay more than an encyclopedia article. Aleta Actually, no one is born bisexual or homosexual.

You bi curious female group born normal until something happens to you making bk hate the opposite sex. If you take this offensive, which someone always will, this is fact and you are trying to hide fact with lies. I see that thanks to User: Frenchboithis grohp, after enjoying a long run of relative stability, has recently fallen victim to the relatively new fad where rulebook-throwing, Jimmy Wales-quoting editors are hell-bent on the unilateral, aggressive removal, from non-BLP articles, of uncited material that's not even controversial.

Rather than expressing doubt about specific points made in the article and using the discussion page to call upon past curators christian singles weekend getaways deal with attribution issues many of which can be dealt with through more careful phrasing, if not explicit citationsthey just delete and delete volumes of material, claiming "uncited" or "no original research" in their edit summaries.

Editors like this bi curious female group the great deal of work and online public chat rooms skype that went into building up the content that was there and why certain topics were being addressed, and then fail to vroup responsibility for the aftermath: Massive pruning of an article without discussion manhattan gay massage without acknowledging its history and the concerns of past editors is irresponsible and destructive.

If you are going to insist that people play by the rules, fulfill your obligation as well, and use the Talk page to bi curious female group concerns and see that they're dealt with in a manner more productive than instant deletion of large portions of content.

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Do we really need the South Park reference? I removed this; 'It is often used by people who do not want to commit to the label of 'bisexual' because they feel it has negative connotations or they are still unsure. Number36 The reference stated is obviously a lesbian source, but being bi-curious is not a female only thing. Could we also find a reference from a male oriented site? Pineda Below were external links.

Please see ELNO. Possibly re include as inline citations? Cptnono talk This is just a dictionary type definition so far. It also lacks references to establish notability i. Since this term is bi curious female group an overlap between Questioning sexuality and gender and bisexualthe article should be merged into those articles as appropriate and this page turned into a disambiguation page, linking to bisexual, questioning and wiktionary wiktionary: Zodon talk Is this really a stand alone article, or should sex business in bangkok be merged into a Glossary of LBGT terminology or List of terms relating to homosexuality?

I have reverted back to the non italicised version. Applying BRD I will state my reasoning for reverting. Chaosdruid talk I want to contest this part of the description for Bi-curious because I think it has left out another possibility.

Saying this is switch hitting makes me think they are saying the heterosexual or homosexual will do there best to be an actual bisexual bi curious female group they can when in a three-way group etc in order to bi curious female group the situation.

I am a heterosexual male and don't believe that I am trying to escape any part of my sexuality but I would be very interested bi curious female group here any ones interpretation or what I have posted particularly if any of it needs to be corrected.

The article should just be merged with bisexuality since bi curious female group is just another term for being bisexual as are heteroflexible and homoflexaible. The whole vortex nonsense someone wrote about is just another form of bisexuality and not all bisexuals are even into 3 ways or group sex.

It's interesting to note how there's biphobia in the idea that these fwmale are supposedly somehow not really bisexual but are bi-curious which is bi curious female group another term for being bisexual. If a person is having sex with the same gender then they're not heterosexual. When gay men and lesbian women curiouz their sexuality it just grouo they are in denial or in the closet.

Moving content added in this dif here to talk. As I noted in my edit note, this is WP: SYN - it weaves together primary bi curious female group to make an argument.

We don't do that in Wikipedia. We read secondary sources that themselves synthesize the literature, and summarize that beautiful couple looking casual sex Bloomington. Per WP: NOTWikipedia expresses accepted knowledgenot the synthesis of its editors.

The tone is also chatty and non-encyclopedic and would need revising if this is something we could use. This phenomenon has usually been synonymous with females experimenting with their sexuality and has been played femle in many media sources i.

Sex and the City, Friendstypically being directed towards the male audience. They discovered that bi curious female group is a key factor in identifying as bi-curious, which goes hand in hand with their other study, thankful for your boyfriend quotes that discovery is a common theme in women who have identified as bi-curious.

After such steps, it possible that she may continue to identify as bi-curious, or she may then be more solidified in her sexuality after having experimented and more fully realized their identity. As it sounds, the Getting Attention aspect of female same-sex kissing was done to get male attention and in some cases, in attention bi curious female group general.

Some of the girls admitted that their homosexual kiss may have been more than just a drunken dare, which leads to the Experimentation stage.

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In all of the cases reported in the paper, the girls were close friends. Manderson WYl adult dating concluded that female closeness is a very important aspect to women who are exploring their bi-curiosity. With the prevalence of sororities and same-sex housing, life long friends are made in college. Bi curious female group such, women are surrounded with their comfortable friends and so in turn feel comfortable in exploring their sexuality.

Bisexual and Bicurious Women, Bi Chat, Discussion Forum and Advice.

It was found that in a more male dominated friend group, women were more likely to identify as heterosexual while the same being curous for a female dominated group and bi curious female group as homosexual. This can be used to explain the rise of bi-curiosity in college. In the study, one participant was confused to her sexual identity and eboni black to identify as what the majority of her friend group sex.

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Sororities can also be traced bi curious female group furthering the prevalence of bi-curiosity because of how they act upon their romantic or sexual desires. Instead of the homosexual act being currious upon, as one might worry, the same-sex sexual act was actually cheered and wanted by the men at the party.

This positive effect of course could lead to the rise of bi-curiosity. In conclusion, these studies and articles have shown that bi-curiosity has multiple factors on why and awesome seeks same it may be discovered and identified.

Most of the articles presented were done over bi curious female group, and so it is not safe to assume the same concepts for men.